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1992 SL 300 MB

Year: 1992

Make: Mercedes Benz

Model: SL 300

Exterior Color: Red

Interior Color:  Black

Model History

Mercedes-Benz used the 1989 Geneva Motor Show to introduce the new R129-series SL range. By the time the final R107 rolled off the production line in 1989, these highly successful models had been in production for 18 years with very little change. Its R129 replacement brought with it many new and innovative ideas and was based around a two-door monocoque body style. It had a sophisticated, all-round independent suspension augmented by numerous active and passive safety features including ventilated ABS disc brakes, adaptive-damping shock absorbers, electronic stability control, front airbags, and an integral rollover bar that deployed in less than a third of a second if the car ever sensed an impending flip. The impeccably built cabin included a fully automated power hood and featured such advancements as an adjustable steering column, memory seats, and electric windows/mirrors. Thoroughly complimenting the luxury and refinement was its performance orientated sports car status. It continued to carry on the tradition of a fast and reliable grand touring convertible.

The SL came with a more powerful engine and the stopping power aided by anti-locking braking for added reassurance. Despite having automatic transmission as standard, the R129 was the choice of many Formula One drivers during the early nineties. The more powerful of the two six-cylinder engines initially available, the 2962cc DOHC 24-valve M104 unit boasted Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection, cylinder specific ignition timing, variable valve timing, and under-piston cooling jets. With 231 horsepower and 201 lb-ft of torque, the 300 SL-24 was able to sprint from zero-to-sixty mph in 8.6 seconds and could reach 137 mph. The fuel-injected six was available in 12- and 24-valve versions, the latter being 41 horsepower more powerful at 231bhp, the only available option in the US.

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